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We see collaboration as a way to solve problems, spark break-throughs and drive innovation

Together with partners and academia we have invested over 10 years R&D in our proprietary technology and developed an innovation based on a software and hardware which address the climate crisis.

Strategic Partners

A strategic partner is a collaborator who works closely with our company to achieve long-term goals and mutual benefits. This partnership involves sharing resources, expertise, and insights to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and create value for both parties.

Innovation Partners

Our innovation partners are collaborators who work closely with us to drive technological advancements and groundbreaking solutions. These partnerships involve sharing resources, expertise, and insights to foster innovation and enhance our capabilities.




SYNERLEAP is an innovation growth hub powered by ABB that connects the top industrial startups with the best of ABB. SYNERLEAP helps startups to win customers, scale and grow by providing them with mentorship, access to ABB's networks, clients, industrial partners and technology.

STILFOLD Press Release (2022-01-28)
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IMA (Innovative Materials Arena) is a cluster organisation that brings together research, public sector and business, all active within the field of advanced materials and sharing the same vision – to facilitate materials innovation. IMA supports collaboration and enables economic growth through its extensive network, educational assets, practical support and IMA Share digital platform for sharing of material equipment and skills.

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The global leader in sustainable stainless steel. Outokumpu's history goes back to the invention of steel and we continue to drive stainless steel innovation. Their latest innovation is Circle Green®, a product line with up to 93% lower carbon footprint compared to the global industry average.

STILFOLD Press Release (2023-11-07)
Outokumpu Circle Green
Case Study / LCA Analysis (2022)
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Polestar 0 project: a directed call for collaboration on the elimination of greenhouse gases. Sturdy constructions are built from the ground up. The same goes for sustainable products.

For the Polestar 0 project, STILFOLD will build on its existing inroads into sustainable and low-emission manufacturing to understand how their origami-inspired steel folding technique can be advanced to produce Polestar’s ambitious climate-neutral car.

STILFOLD explores how origami folding can be used as an alternative to welding, as well as which chemical reactions in the car’s supply chain are generating greenhouse gasses and how these reactions can be altered or avoided to eliminate emissions.

"The true potential of electric cars will be realized when we as an industry can say goodbye not only to exhaust emissions but also to production-related emissions. We made a bold commitment when we launched the Polestar 0 project, and strong partnerships like the one with STILFOLD show the progress towards our goal", says Thomas Ingenlath - CEO of Polestar.

POLESTAR News Article (2023-11-27)
STILFOLD Press Release, Swedish (2022-09-14)
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ADAXIS is a French-Swedish robotics software company on a mission to change the way the world uses industrial robotics and enable manufacturing of more sustainable and innovative products. ADAXIS software enables robotic arms to function as 3D printers for various materials (including metals, plastics, composites, and concrete) facilitating the production of large, complex parts with minimal waste.

"ADAXIS has knowledge and experience that will further simplify and improve the process and at the same time guarantee that the end result will be the same regardless of where in the world the final production takes place", says Jonas Nyvang - Co-founder and CEO of STILFOLD.

Adaxis Press Release (2023-02-14)
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AB H.Brantheim was founded in the 1940′s and are an engineering company that specializes in engineering services in sheet metal. With their modern machinery and expertise they can offer a complete solution in terms of design, producibility, manufacturing and painting.

Together with Brantheim, we explore and challenge the limitations of sheet metal into cutting edge levels.

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European Institute of Technology MANUFACTURING brings together leading organisations from industry, research, education and the public sector to boost innovation and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector in Europe.

EIT MANUFACTURING's vision is to create a sustainable and globally competitive manufacturing sector in Europe that delivers social and economic value to the society.

ADAXIS & STILRIDE Investment (2023-11-27)
STILFOLD Press Release, Swedish (2023-11-05)
Sustainable Innovation Journey (2023-10-09)
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RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through their international collaboration programmes with industry, academia and the public sector, they ensure the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contribute to a sustainable society.

STILFOLD, under the working name "LightRide", is committed to widen its scope from steel only to enable efficient and creative folding of recycled aluminum. This project is a natural progression of the technology's promise to eventually handle a wide range of common flat metallic materials.

"Although the initial focus has been on steel, we know that the technology fundamentally works on almost all types of materials. Aluminum has always been high on the list as the next step, which makes this project particularly well-suited at the moment", says Jonas Nyvang - Co-founder and CEO of STILFOLD.

STILRIDE Press Release, Swedish (2023-11-28)
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