A Swedish technology company based on industrial origami with the ambition to reshape the future of mobility.

Our Story

In the heart of Sweden, STILFOLD (former STILRIDE) was born in 2020 out of a visionary research project, backed by the Swedish Innovation Agency and led by founders Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang.

It all started with a piece of paper

Tue Beijer sketched an electric vehicle and after years of research, he came up with the idea of folding it in steel. His childhood friend, Jonas Nyvang helped him make it a reality. They used the insights from their first product, STILRIDE to develop a unique way of making things: STILFOLD.

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Our Ambition


To pioneer a greener future through innovative design and manufacturing solutions.


To transform industrial manufacturing by providing innovative, sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact and enhance efficiency.


Positioned at the forefront of the industry by challenging old structures and heritages.

Our Team

At STILFOLD, our strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our team. We are a collective of passionate innovators, dedicated to reshaping manufacturing through our sustainable and efficient technology solutions.

Founded in Science

Together with partners and academia we have invested over 10 years R&D in our proprietary technology and developed an innovation based on software and hardware.

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Market Insights

Traditional sheet metal forming has been largely overlooked in terms of its energy and environmental impact. Technology has caught up. Software advancement has enabled faster iteration cycles in hardware. Sustainability is a business enabler and, on the rise, due to the affordability more then anything else.

Patents and IP

Our IPR portfolio covers the design solutions, production processes, tools for forming sheet material, material diagnostics, and specific design applications.

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Business Sweden Catalyst Award (2023)

The Catalyst awarded STILFOLD as one of the most scalable startups and supported the business in accelerating their international expansion and sales, thus expanding their footprints.

Techarenan Industrial Award (2022)

"STILRIDE has developed an innovative manufacturing technique that minimizes resource consumption. But the potential doesn't stop there – the technology can revolutionize manufacturing in everything from vehicles to bridges. Therefore, they are awarded the Industrial Award 2022."

International Stainless-Steel Forum - Best New Technology (2021)

"STILRIDE receives an award for STILFOLD, the new and innovative technology that the project uses in manufacturing. The technology may change the way we manufacture vehicles."


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