Alstom and STILRIDE bend trains - for a smarter and more environmentally friendly transport sector

The transport and infrastructure giant Alstom has started a collaboration with Swedish STILRIDE. Together, both companies will do a pilot project to see how STILRIDE's unique manufacturing method STILFOLD can be used to build the trains of the future.


The collaboration between Alstom and STILRIDE aims to evaluate and lead in evidence of how the STILFOLD manufacturing technology can be used within Alstom's operations going forward. Through the unique technology, where sheet steel is bent and folded in an origami-like process, a series of new conditions are created for all types of steel constructions.

- STILFOLD is a very interesting and promising technology where we see many potential areas of use going forward. If we can find solutions that are both more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective, it is a matter of course for us to look more closely at how we can make the best use of it, and STILFOLD looks to be able to deliver on many important points, says Ganesh Chandramouli, Head of Innovation, Strategy and Portfolio at Alstom Sweden.

The fact that less raw material is needed for a STILFOLD construction compared to conventional techniques has a number of advantages. The environmental impact is less, also because less processing is required such as welding. The strength is also potentially better, despite less raw material. Another and very important aspect is also that designs can save considerable weight compared to conventional manufacturing techniques, something STILRIDE takes full advantage of with its own electric motorcycle, but which also has great potential impact for Alstom.

- For us, it is extremely interesting to be able to work so closely together with a company like Alstom. We expect to be able to quickly prove a number of the advantages that STILFOLD can bring to their business, says Jonas Nyvang, CEO and co-founder of STILRIDE.

Within the framework of the collaboration, STILRIDE and Alstom will jointly go through existing solutions at Alstom to analyze and find areas where the best effect can be achieved. STILRIDE will then develop and present a number of proposed solutions for possible future sharp production.

- We already have a number of collaborations with external companies that are interested in our technology. We are very happy to collaborate with Alstom, and we see great opportunities to be able to combine our technology for steelmaking with a fundamentally smart and sustainable industrial player like Alstom. That Alstom shows interest opens up a new possible area of ​​application for us - and it is further proof that STILFOLD has the potential to revolutionize all steel manufacturing going forward. This is simply incredibly fun, and of course very important for the future's more energy-efficient solutions, concludes Jonas Nyvang at STILRIDE.


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