Climate Lead at Polestar: Lisa Bolin joins the STILRIDE board


As climate lead at Polestar, Lisa Bolin will provide a large and important addition to the board of STILRIDE for future expansion. Especially with regard to an additional environmental focus around the unique STILFOLD technology.

- It feels like a matter of course to support the journey STILRIDE has started. They have that basic thinking about sustainable future production that is not only close to my heart, but is also a matter of course and a necessity going forward for all types of companies, says Lisa Bolin.

Lisa Bolin's automotive industry expertise will come in handy ahead of a major launch of STILRIDE's first electric motorcycle, the STILRIDE 1. But her expertise is particularly welcome when it comes to future possibilities for the unique, origami-inspired STILFOLD manufacturing technology.

- We aim to revolutionize the entire automotive industry in terms of the approach to production and materials, of course with STILFOLD as a central part of the solution towards a significantly more sustainable life cycle for all types of vehicles. Here, Lisa can contribute with unique knowledge that will be needed if we are to succeed in reaching all the way forward, says Jonas Nyvang, co-founder and CEO of STILRIDE.

Lisa Bolin has extensive experience in sustainability work and currently has the role of climate lead at Polestar. Previously, she has worked at RI.SE, among other things. She steps into the board of STILRIDE at the same time as the company is about to start production of the first 150 pre-ordered motorcycles in the "Founders edition". In 2024, the plan is to fully open sales and start series production of STILRIDE 1.

In parallel with this, the company continues to work with the STILFOLD manufacturing method, which also gets an even clearer environmental focus going forward.

- Our technology is the missing link in the production chain, especially when we look at steel structures. Green steel only solves a small part and even the manufacturing side must adapt to a more environmentally friendly technology. Here we can make a huge difference and soon the technology will also work on many different materials, concludes Jonas Nyvang.


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