Pre-summer tour highlights + where to catch us next

Over the last couple of weeks, parts of the STILRIDE and STILFOLD team have toured around Europe’s top mobility and tech events including Care Innovation, Vienna, Reload Land, Berlin, South Summit, Madrid, DigiSustain, Frankfurt, The Next Web, Amsterdam, Micromobility Europe 2023, Amsterdam, and EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative. Take a look at the best pictures and read our key takeaways below. Interview with our CEO Jonas Nyvang.

You’ve stayed busy the last month! What have you been up to at the fairs?

— Speaking at Europe’s top tech events is a strategic move to foster relationships with key industry players. We presented our bike and its unique approach to sustainable design and manufacturing, often offering deep dives into the STILFOLD technology.

What has been the general reception from fair-goers and industry colleagues?

— Many listeners have expressed their admiration for the novelty and ingenuity of the STILFOLD technology. There has been particular interest in how STILRIDE minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption, and utilizes recycled materials.

And looking forward, have you got any other events coming up?

— In September we are exhibiting at International Motor Show (IAA) in Germany. It is a leading global platform for the automotive industry. Here we will show with key players in the field of mobility, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and transportation solutions, Jonas says, concluding:—We have also booked a spot at CES Las Vegas, one of the world's premier tech events, bringing together thousands of attendees and exhibitors from around the globe to showcase the latest advancements in technology.


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