STILFOLD and PaperShell: Hacking wood and steel with origami


STILFOLD and PaperShell will use the Origami Code to Maximize Material Efficiency in several Manufacturing Industries. The partners will embody this ambition in a joint exhibition this summer, encouraging the industry to join their DESIGN EXHIBITION for innovation and sustainability.

STILFOLD, the origami-based design and technology company, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with PaperShell, pioneers in sustainable paper-based composite materials. This alliance is not only a significant step forward for both companies but also a call to colleagues in design, architecture, materials, and industry to disrupt the status quo and accelerate the green transition.

Combining STILFOLD’s advanced origami software with PaperShell’s innovative load-bearing cellulose composites opens new possibilities for creating revolutionary solutions and products. Together, the companies will explore new frontiers in material efficiency and manufacturing techniques, enabling the production of everything from sustainable façade panels to groundbreaking design objects for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as new lightweight structures in automotive, mobility, and infrastructure sectors.

Jonas Nyvang, co-founder and CEO of STILFOLD, expresses his excitement about the partnership: “This partnership gives us a unique opportunity to further develop our technology and production capacity. By integrating PaperShell’s groundbreaking composite materials into our software, we can create products that are not only sustainable and strong but also aesthetically pleasing.”

Anders Breitholtz, CEO of PaperShell, shares a similar commitment to the collaboration: “Partnering with STILFOLD, a leader in origami-based product development, perfectly complements our vision of reducing environmental impact with innovative material solutions. Together, we are setting a new standard for sustainability and efficiency in the industry.”

This strategic partnership marks an important milestone in the quest to reduce the industrial sector’s ecological footprint and promote a more circular economy. With a shared focus on energy efficiency and waste minimization, the ambition is to revolutionize the manufacturing industry through sustainable innovation.

To showcase the potential and scope of this collaboration, STILFOLD and PaperShell will host an exhibition featuring their latest innovations and design solutions. The exhibition will take place at an EXHIBITION at Nacka Strand from August 15 to 29.


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