STILFOLD launches MetaFold Academy with 5 MSEK in Funding to Propel Green Manufacturing in Europe


Stockholm, Sweden – MetaFold Academy, an innovative training initiative aimed at advancing green manufacturing practices within the automotive sector, has been launched this fall. Supported by a nearly 5 MSEK grant from the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Manufacturing, MetaFold Academy is set to transform the landscape of industrial education across Sweden, Greece, Italy, and Hungary.

MetaFold Academy is designed to address the urgent need for an industry-wide transition towards more sustainable practices. The project will focus on imparting skills in eco-innovation, energy efficiency, and resource management through a cutting-edge modular training program. This initiative is set to enhance the competencies of 250 engineers and designers from the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, equipping them with the knowledge to implement novel green technologies within their operations.

"The launch of MetaFold Academy marks a significant milestone in our commitment to fostering sustainable industrial practices," said Jonas Nyvang, Co-founder of Stilfold, the technology provider for the training program. "Through this initiative, we aim to empower professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to drive the Green Industrial Transformation."

Volvo Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks and construction equipment, has joined as a pilot customer, emphasizing the relevance and urgency of integrating sustainable technologies in manufacturing processes. The collaboration with Volvo Group will allow participants to apply their learning in real-world settings, promoting the widespread adoption of innovative practices.

MetaFold Academy will operate through a network of four training centers, each located in a participating country. These centers will serve as hubs for innovation and practical training, offering courses that combine online and hands-on modules. Participants will engage with advanced teaching methodologies such as Micro-learning, Extended Reality, and Challenge-based learning.

"By aligning with the European Green Deal, MetaFold Academy is poised to make a significant impact on the manufacturing industry," stated Tue Beijer, Co-founder of Stilfold. "We are dedicated to creating a sustainable future through education and are excited to see the transformative impact of our training program."

The initiative is further supported by a consortium of leading educational and research institutions, including TF CC in Greece, MADE Competence Center I4.0 in Italy, and PBN in Hungary, each bringing unique expertise and facilities to the project.

MetaFold Academy is not just a training program but a visionary project that aims to reshape the future of manufacturing. By fostering a skilled workforce that can leverage advanced metal forming technologies, MetaFold Academy is setting the stage for a more sustainable and efficient industrial environment.


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