STILRIDE and Ferritico creates new collaboration around AI for the steel industry


STILRIDE begins a collaboration with Swedish Ferritico to create even more complex structures from sheet steel. It thus marries the advantages of Ferritico's AI-driven steel simulation software and STILFOLD's software and hardware to shape and fold sheet steel in an origami-like process.

- Ferritico has deep knowledge and experience in steel and artificial intelligence. Together, we can offer a new and innovative way to design and manufacture steel products, using our proprietary STILFOLD technology. We believe that this partnership will accelerate the digitization and green transition of the steel industry, as well as inspire other industries to use our solutions, says Jonas Nyvang, CEO of STILRIDE.

Within the partnership, the companies will benefit from each other's expertise as both currently offer services aimed at industries such as automotive, aviation, construction and energy. The goal is to further help customers optimize their steel development, manufacturing and implementation processes and to directly improve their product performance, efficiency and quality.

- STILFOLD shares our values and our vision of innovation, sustainability and quality. Together, we can create high-quality steel products using our unique technologies in synergy. We believe that this partnership will create new opportunities and value for our customers and the steel industry as a whole, says Claes Holmström, CEO of Ferritico.

STILFOLD as a technology means from the start a significantly lower environmental footprint for steel structures. This is because significantly less raw material is needed compared to conventional manufacturing methods, while maintaining or even improving the strength of the construction. With Ferritico, they hope to be able to further reduce the customers' material waste, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

People in photo (from left):
Peter Hedström (CTO/Founder Ferritico & professor KTH), Claes Holmström (CEO Ferritico) and Jonas Nyvang (CEO/Founder Stilride)


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