STILRIDE partners with ChainTraced

STILRIDE and ChainTraced start a collaboration to gain full control and transparency in the entire production chain. The goal is to get full control over the product’s environmental impact throughout its life cycle.


STILRIDE and ChainTraced start a collaboration to gain full control and transparency in the entire production chain. The goal is automated and direct control over the product's environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

STILRIDE's unique manufacturing method STILFOLD, where a steel sheet is bent and folded by a robot, has great potential environmental benefits. Less material consumption, fewer and simpler transports of raw materials, and less need for post-construction, which also affects the environment, are some of the factors that are usually highlighted. To take full advantage of these advantages, however, full control of all parts of the production chain, from raw material to finished product, is required. Therefore, a collaboration with ChainTraced is now being started.

ChainTraced is one of the last pieces of the puzzle we need to be able to easily check and in the long term guarantee that the entire production chain keeps what it promises. This is important from a production perspective, but also a way to meet early and simplify the type of environmental reporting of the entire manufacturing process that is required today.

ChainTraced is also a Swedish startup that offers a digital traceability platform that enables easier and safer handling of product data, such as material certificates and CO2 data.

It is in our basic philosophy to promote sustainable production, which is why STILRIDE is a fantastically fun partner. There is much to do in steel production to improve and refine and our hope is that we can jointly show the market a new best-in-practice in steel, says Daniel Eriksson Pitt, Chief Commercial Officer at ChainTraced.

For STILRIDE, the collaboration is important both for the own electric motorcycle SUS1, which will be released shortly, and for all the collaborations that have been started around the STILFOLD manufacturing technology.

Through ChainTraced, we can quickly and easily show real numbers from the entire chain and all parts, large and small, become fully traceable. This means that we can always source the "right" material in the manufacturing process and easily exclude bad suppliers automatically.


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