STILRIDE's Pivot Unfolds Innovation, Driving Change with Stilfold


STILRIDE's transformation into Stilfold represents a strategic pivot towards broadening its impact through innovation and collaboration with industry giants such as Alstom, Fortaco Group, Honda, Nissan, Magna, Volkswagen, Volvo Group, and ABB. This shift not only reflects Stilfold’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability but also highlights its role in leading collaborative projects across various sectors.

This move leverages Stilfold’s expertise in sustainable technology and innovative design, setting new standards in transportation, heavy machinery, automotive innovation, and advanced manufacturing processes. By partnering with these leading corporations, Stilfold is driving forward the future of mobility, efficiency, and automation, marking a significant leap in its mission to influence global innovation landscapes.

In essence, the pivot from STILRIDE to Stilfold underscores a strategic repositioning towards leveraging collaborative innovation to enact industry-wide transformations, aiming for a future where technology not only advances but does so sustainably and inclusively.


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